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MkDocs Manpage¤

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MkDocs plugin to generate a manpage from the documentation site.


Pandoc must be installed and available as pandoc.


With pip:

pip install mkdocs-manpage[preprocess]

With pipx:

python3.8 -m pip install --user pipx
pipx install mkdocs-manpage[preprocess]


# mkdocs.yml
- manpage:
    - reference/

To enable/disable the plugin with an environment variable:

# mkdocs.yml
- manpage:
    enabled: !ENV [MANPAGE, false]

Then set the environment variable and run MkDocs:

MANPAGE=true mkdocs build

The manpage will be written into the root of the site directory and named manpage.1.

Pre-processing HTML¤

This plugin works by concatenating the HTML from all selected pages into a single file that is then converted to a manual page using Pandoc.

With a complete conversion, the final manual page will not look so good. For example images and SVG will be rendered as long strings of data and/or URIs. So this plugin allows users to pre-process the HTML, to remove unwanted HTML elements before converting the whole thing to a manpage.

First, you must make sure to install the preprocess extra:

pip install mkdocs-manpage[preprocess]

To pre-process the HTML, we use BeautifulSoup. Users have to write their own preprocess function in order to modify the soup returned by BeautifulSoup:

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup, Tag

def to_remove(tag: Tag) -> bool:
    # remove images and SVGs
    if in {"img", "svg"}:
        return True
    # remove links containing images or SVGs
    if == "a" and tag.img and to_remove(tag.img):
        return True
    # remove permalinks
    if == "a" and "headerlink" in tag.get("class", ()):
        return True
    return False

def preprocess(soup: BeautifulSoup) -> None:
    for element in soup.find_all(to_remove):

Then, instruct the plugin to use this module and its preprocess function:

- manpage:
    preprocess: scripts/

See the documentation of both BeautifulSoup and Tag to know what methods are available to correctly select the elements to remove.

The alternative to HTML processing for improving the final manpage is disabling some options from other plugins/extensions:

  • no source code through mkdocstrings:

    - mkdocstrings:
              show_source: !ENV [SHOW_SOURCE, true]
  • no permalink through toc:

    - toc:
        permalink: !ENV [PERMALINK, true]

Then set these environment variables before building the documentation and generating the manpage:

export MANPAGE=true
export PERMALINK=false
export SHOW_SOURCE=false
mkdocs build