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Copier PDM¤

Copier template for Python projects managed by PDM.

This copier template is mainly for my own usage, but feel free to try it out, or fork it!

Also checkout copier-poetry, which is the same template but with Poetry instead of PDM. If you are using it, see how to migrate to copier-pdm.


  • PDM setup, with pre-defined pyproject.toml
  • Documentation built with MkDocs (Material theme and "autodoc" mkdocstrings plugin)
  • Pre-configured tools for code formatting, quality analysis and testing:
  • Tests run with pytest and plugins, with coverage support
  • Cross-platform tasks with duty
  • Support for GitHub workflow and Gitlab CI
  • Python 3.6 or above
  • Auto-generated from git commits (using Angular message style)
  • All licenses from
  • Makefile for convenience

Quick setup and usage¤

Make sure all the requirements are met, then:

copier "" /path/to/your/new/project

Or even shorter:

copier "gh:pawamoy/copier-pdm" /path/to/your/new/project

See the documentation for more details.

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