Challenge: fill a 2D space with one continuous line doing 90° angle turns in the same direction (left/right)

Last night I was doing that in my head: filling a 2D space with one continuous line doing turns at a 90° angle, always in the same direction. Other people do this as well, right?

Well, today I actually drawn it:


I started top left, and finish bottom right. I turned right all the time. It took me about 20 minutes.

It was not so easy!

The difficult parts are:

  • keeping the line straightly vertical or horizontal
  • not getting stuck (because we don't want to make the line touch)
  • not repeating the same patterns too much (though repetition of symmetrical patterns could be very pretty!)

Here are some mistakes I made (the most obvious ones): fill-space-drawing-errors

But anyway, it was my first attempt, and I kinda like the childish aspect of it. 10/10 would do again!

Show me your attempts in the comments 🙂!

Note: I used a cotton canvas which cost me 1,50€, but you can just use a sheet of paper if you don't plan to show how good you are to everybody by hanging it on a wall.