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Write and use a tox plugin from inside your package

So let's say you wrote a program that is using tox and you want to add some options to tox's command-line. Reading at tox's documentation about plugins, you see that you have to make a pip installable plugin and setup some entry point. In fact, you can skip the pip installable side and integrate the plugin directly within your code.

It can be done in three very simple steps.

Add a tox_module in your package¤

Create a new module somewhere. Its name should begin with tox_.

from tox import hookimpl

def tox_addoption(parser):
    # read argparse's doc online to see more complex examples

Setup the entry points¤

Tox has an automagic system that will see installed plugins and load them when you call it. Just set the new tox entry point:

        'console_scripts': 'your_program = your_program.main:main',  # to be adapted
        'tox': ['your_module = your_program.tox_your_module']

Installing your package will make it visible to tox.

Update your code¤

In your code you will now be able to use the my_new_option option in tox's config object, and do whatever you want with it!

from tox.session import prepare

config = prepare(args)



Of course your plugin could be much more complex, but this is another story.